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Active Vocabulary for beginners- русско-английские речевые модели для начинающих- Русско-английские mp3 разговорники и аудиокниги

Active vocabulary for beginners-  1. this is 2. I am from 3. there is 4. there are 5. I start doing sth 6. I finish doing sth 7. excuse me 8. I am sorry 9. well 10. actually 11. I am Russian 12. I live in Moscow, Russia 13. not at all 14. I only speak a little English 15. I want to speak English fluently 16. I like doing sth 17. do you understand me? 18. you know 19. you speak a bit too fast 20. could you speak a little slower? 21. I’ll try to speak slower 22. would you like to meet my friends? 23. I work for this company as a manager 24. who is this young man? 25. who is this charming lady? 26. what’s his name? 27. what do you do? 28. what does he do? 29. try to guess what he does 30. let’s see 31. if you can do that 32. why not? 33. maybe 34. I’m afraid you are wrong 35. neither.. nor 36. perhaps 37. not quite 38. I don’t know exactly 39. I give up 40. it’s difficult to guess 41. let me give you a clue 42. what do you mean? 43. I see 44. I am sorry to hear that 45. I didn’t catch your name 46. I didn’t get you 47. I got you 48. now I see what you mean 49. I am pleased to meet you 50. you are quite right 51. please call me 52. it’s a fascinating city 53. meet my friends 54. hi, how are you? 55. fine, thanks, and what about you? 56. very well, too 57. nice to hear that 58. I hope to see you again soon 59. I haven’t seen you for ages 60. see you in two days 61. see you on Monday 62. that’s right 63. I’m afraid, not 64. don’t you see? 65. and last, but not least 66. tell me about it 67. let me say a few words about it 68. I am not quite sure of it 69. by the way 70. pardon? 71. what did you say? 72. could you repeat the last sentence? 73. in fact 74. in general 75. as a rule 76. as usual 77. in other words 78. I would like to ask you a question 79. are you free tonight? 80. as far as I know 81. it takes me an hour to get here 82. it’s not convenient 83. but that’s how it is 84. in my opinion 85. on the contrary 86. on the one hand 87. on the other hand 88. personally I think 89. true 90. which city do you prefer? 91. to be honest 92. that’s a difficult question 93. it’s not easy to explain 94. a little 95. much more 96. much less 97. exciting 98. I hear 99. if different from 100. a few 101. after all 102. but still 103. I don’t think so 104. even so 105. you are welcome 106. what are you going to do ? 107. we are improving our active English 108. I want to increase my active vocabulary 109. apart from that 110. besides 111. particularly 112. especially 113. today is a very special day to all of us 114. what are you interested in? 115. what are you fond of? 116. what would you like to see? 117. if you ask me 118. the most interesting thing 119. thanks a lot 120. never mind 121. don’t mention it 122. that was a pleasure 123. you are looking wonderful tonight 124. the pleasure was mine 125. I am afraid I can’t help you 126. I am stranger here myself 127. I see 128. I’ll ask someone else then 129. excuse me, could you tell me the way to , please 130. thank you, anyway 131. you are very kind 132. in other words 133. How are you feeling today? 134. How are things with you? 135. How are you getting on? 136. How’s your life? 137. What’s news? 138. What’s happened? 139. What’s up? 140. What’s wrong? 141. Why, this a surprise! 142. Look who’s here! 143. What brings you here? 144. Not too bad 145. Quite well 146. Real fine. Splendid. Marvelous. 147. Can’t complain 148. I’d rather not say 149. So so 150. Pretty bad 151. Couldn’t be worse 152. Pretty busy 153. OK. I feel quite fit, thank you 154. I’m afraid I’m not feeling very well 155. Terrible weather today 156. Better late than never 157. I’m getting along all right 158. Do you happen to know? 159. May I ask a question? 160. May I have your attention, please? 161. I say 162. Look here! Look folks! 163. Look / watch out 164. Mind! (your head ; step) 165. Hey! Anyone here? 166. Generally 167. The thing is 168. You see 169. You know 170. Suppose 171. So to say 172. To tell the truth 173. The point is that 174. Would you repeat that? 175. We have met. 176. Have you meet Mr.../ do you know Mr...? 177. May I ask you to do something for me? 178. Could you possibly, give me... 179. Would you kindly give me... 180. Could I ask you? 181. Could you help me, please 182. Would you pass the salt? 183. May I come in? 184. Please wait for me 185. May I have a look? 186. Stop making so much noise! 187. May I have another cup of tea? 188. Could I borrow this book for a few days? 189. Can I go now? 190. Do you mind if I smoke? 191. Would you mind if I come a bit later? 192. May I take the day off on Friday? 193. Is it all right if I open the window? 194. Do have some of this cake 195. I made it myself 196. Let me know 197. Can you lend me ... (could you) 198. Switch on the light, will you? 199. Don’t be late, I warn you 200. Certainly. 201. Naturally. 202. Here you are. 203. Right away 204. Coming 205. Agreed 206. I hope so (think so) 207. My opinion is just the same 208. It goes without saying 209. Of course 210. Perhaps you’re right 211. Sure 212. Could I use your telephone? 213. I’m easy 214. It is all the same 215. It makes no difference 216. It does not matter – 217. I don’t care 218. I refuse to do it. 219. I don’t agree with you. 220. You’re mistaken 221. I’m against it 222. Yes & no 223. It’s impossible / prohibited 224. I’m afraid I can’t permit it 225. Absolutely not 226. By no means 227. Never 228. In no case 229. quite the contrary! 230. I don’t like to complain, but… 231. That’s another story – 232. I feel like drink 233. Look, I’ll tell you what. 234. It’s like this 235. You see 236. As I see it. My point of view is... 237. In my opinion / mind, (he was driving too fast) 238. Nothing doing 239. I should like to make it clear that 240. I see your point, but... 241. I prefer tea to coffee 242. I advise you to do it 243. I suggest that we do it at once 244. What about going for a walk? 245. Why don’t you lie down? / Have a rest? 246. Let’s... 247. I couldn’t say for certain 248. I’m not sure 249. I can’t help it 250. Well, personally I think... 251. You’d better see a doctor 252. If I were you, I’d accept the offer 253. I have become convinced 254. I apologise for the delay (formal) 255. I’m terribly / awfully sorry, but... 256. I’m sorry I’m late (for coming late) 257. Excuse my coming late 258. My fault. It’s a pity 259. Do forgive me 260. Wait a little, please 261. I regret it very deeply 262. I’m afraid I can’t remember the address 263. Indeed? 264. What? 265. Go on! 266. Well, I never! 267. A fine kettle of fish 268. I beg your pardon 269. Don’t worry. 270. Never mind. 271. Forget it. 272. It’s OK. That’s all right 273. That’s quiet all right 274. It’s nothing 275. It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter 276. I congratulate you on your marriage! 277. Accept my congratulation! 278. Many happy returns of the day ! 279. May I offer my congratulation on... 280. Merry Christmas! 281. I hear you’re to be congratulated! 282. My very best wishes! (for women’s day) 283. Congratulations (on your good luck)! 284. Happy birthday (to you) with all my love 285. Here is my little present 286. And this is for you 287. Accept my most sincere & hearty congratulations 288. Well done! 289. A happy New Year to you all 290. May I congratulate all of you for fulfilling the task 291. I congratulate you 292. I remember the day of... 293. Happy holidays! 294. Allow me to greet you on the occasion of... 295. I wish you the best of every thing! 296. Have a good rest! (Journey)(Time) 297. Happy journey! 298. May success attend you! 299. Give my love to... 300. Good luck! 301. All the best 302. I hope everything goes well for you 303. I wish you good health 304. Keep well 305. Bless you 306. I want to invite you to dinner / to my house. 307. Are you doing anything on Saturday night? 308. Come & see me (at my home) 309. I’d like to invite you to... 310. May I invite you? (To dinner next...) 311. Let’s go to the cinema 312. How about going there together? 313. It would be necessary 314. Shall we go for a walk? 315. Would you like to come to my house (lunch) 316. Feel at home 317. Make yourself at home 318. Wouldn’t you come round / drop in 319. Be here (at half past nine). 320. You must be here at... 321. You’re to take these pills 322. Gladly. 323. I have no objection. 324. I don’t mind. 325. Good idea 326. Don’t bother 327. I’ll try 328. Why not? 329. Quite possible 330. Can’t say 331. With pleasure 332. My pleasure 333. I must refuse 334. I’ll be delighted to do it 335. I’m afraid I can’t do it 336. Nice to hear that 337. The same goes for you 338. Do you really think so? 339. It’s your imagination 340. I don’t know for certain 341. I wouldn’t say that 342. I dunno = I do not know 343. Unfortunately I haven’t time 344. To your health! 345. I raise this glass to... 346. Wanna drink! 347. Here’s to you! 348. Cheers! 349. To clink glasses 350. Toast! 351. Now we’re off! 352. To you! 353. I felt like drinking 354. Here’s to a long & beautiful friend ship! 355. To our friendly cooperation! 356. I’ve never said no to a drop of scotch 357. Let’s have a drink 358. For your precious love 359. To us! 360. Distinguished ladies & gentlemen! 361. I propose a toast 362. Let’s love one another 363. You do look well / wonderful / smart 364. You are charming. 365. You are a good cook / That was a nice meal. 366. I must say you played excellently 367. You have got a nice voice / smile / 368. This is your colour 369. You’re always beautifully dressed 370. It’s a pleasure to talk to you / 371. You have a lovely child! 372. What a delicious cake! 373. Excellent! 374. You did the right thing 375. You said the right thing 376. Well done! 377. That’s was clever / sensible 378. I’m sure you did right 379. I like your suit / That’s a nice suit 380. You look younger 381. You’re looking your best 382. You are a good cook 383. It gave me a lot of satisfaction! 384. Consolation. 385. Don’t take it to heart. 386. Forget it! 387. Take it easy! 388. All will be well! 389. What nonsense! 390. Rubbish 391. Stuff & nonsense 392. Too bad 393. Nothing very special 394. What of it? 395. Bad luck / hard luck 396. Better luck next time 397. Never mind 398. Please accept my deepest sympathy on the... 399. I’ve just been told this awful news 400. I wanted you to know that my wife & I are thinking about you 401. Like you we want this ordeal to be over 402. It’s really fine! 403. It’s just wonderful! / amazing! 404. Isn’t it marvellous? 405. How happy I am! 406. It gave me a lot of satisfaction! 407. Nothing very much to speak of... 408. Rather poor. 409. I wouldn’t say I like this 410. It’s nothing to write home about 411. How could you? 412. Don’t you think...that sounds rather childish! 413. You’re not my thing 414. What a nuisance! 415. You look depressed 416. Thanks a lot (to you). 417. Much obliged. 418. I can’t tell you how I appreciate it 419. I am grateful to you. 420. Thank you for all that you have done for me. 421. I can never thank you enough. 422. I would like to thank you for in advance. 423. Just what I wanted. 424. You are very kind. 425. Thank you for the invitation/your help/warm reception. 426. I don’t know how to thank you! 427. A thousand thanks! 428. Thank you for your kind attention. 429. Many thanks. 430. I simply can’t find words. 431. It’s so kind of you. 432. Thank you. You’ve been very helpful. 433. Think nothing of it. 434. I was happy to oblige you. 435. Not at all. 436. Never mind. 437. It’s nothing. 438. You are welcome/Welcome. 439. It’s a pleasure. The pleasure is mine. 440. That’s all right/O.K. 441. I’m very happy to be of help to you. 442. Thank you. That means a lot. 443. Couldn’t you stay a little longer? 444. I’m afraid I can’t. 445. Come and see us again as soon as possible. 446. Hope to see you again soon! 447. Good- bye! 448. It’s time to say good bye. 449. See you (soon/tomorrow/later). 450. Bye for now! 451. All the best! 452. Good luck! 453. I’m not saying good bye. 454. Same to you. 455. I’m afraid. I must be off now. So we’ve found a common language. 456. Thank you for everything. 457. Cheerio! 458. Bye-bye!/Bye! 459. So long. 460. Keep well. 461. Until we meet again. 462. Bon voyage! 463. Say hello to... 464. I hope to see you before long. 465. Remember me kindly. Think kindly of me. 466. Bye now. 467. Ta-ta - 468. Good night, pleasant dreams 469. Well I must be going now. 470. I’ll see you later/tomorrow. 471. Later! 472. SWK (sealed with kiss) - 473. Let me get a chair for you. 474. Can I help you to pack? 475. Shall I give you a lift? 476. Would you like a cup of coffee? 477. Have some more tea 478. Do sit down. 479. Let’s start early, shall we? 480. Let’s listen to the tapes. 481. How about the cinema? 482. Suppose we wait a while. 483. May I use your phone? 484. The telephone is out/is dead of order. 485. I speaking/This is... /... here. 486. Listen 487. Is Mr. ... there? 488. Can/Could I speak to... 489. Hold the line, please I’ll put you through 490. I’m afraid the line is engaged. Will you hold on? 491. Yes. 492. No, I’ll call back later 493. : Can I take a massage? 494. : Could you ask him to call me? 495. Yes, what’s your number, please. 496. Please, give me... 497. Mr. ... in? 498. He’s out. 499. He has gone for meeting. 500. Is that you... ? 501. Hello pal! 502. Hello, who’s speaking/calling please? 503. What number were you calling? 504. Sorry, you’ve got wrong number. 505. I’m sorry to have troubled you. 506. Who’s that? Who’s calling? 507. Is this/that... office? 508. Yes, that’s right. 509. Go ahead please. 510. It’s for you. - 511. Just tell him D. called -. 512. When he will be back? 513. Would you ask him to call me when he gets back. 514. Can you hold on? - 515. Could you take a message? - 516. I can’t get through. - 517. Sorry, can’t hear a thing. - 518. I’ll call you back/ring later. 519. The connection is poor. 520. Speak louder. 521. Speak more distinctly. - 522. Some thing is interfering. 523. Line is busy. Dial again. 524. Line is engaged all the time. 525. I’ll ring you up tomorrow. 526. Listen, ... 527. Please put down my telephone number and ring me up next Tuesday. 528. I’ll give you a ring when I come back. 529. Where’s the nearest public phone? 530. Can I ring up to town from here? 531. What number of Mr. ... office? 532. I’ve put through six calls and no effect. 533. Usually this sort of signal indicates that the line is free, and you can dial the number you want. 534. Leave the message with me? - 535. I’ll be sure to give it to him. – 536. Would you like to go to... with us? 537. Very nice. I’ll be there. 538. How about going to the... ? 539. I’d like to see you tomorrow. 540. I’d like to make an appointment with... 541. What time do you suggest? 542. Suppose we make it 3.30. 543. Will it suit you? 544. I’m calling to invite you to my office. 545. If you don’t mind. 546. I’ll be tied up tomorrow. 547. It takes a lot of time 548. See you tomorrow then. 549. I hope you are not too busy. 550. How soon would you like to come? 551. I’ll expect you. 552. Can I see you sometime today? 553. Until twelve-fifteen, then. 554. Eight or thereabouts. 555. Can you see me tomorrow? 556. I must/do apologise for ringing you so late, but I have an urgent matter to discuss with you. 557. I don’t mind. 558. As soon as possible. 559. It is no need. - 560. Mind your promise. 561. I have to go there tonight. 562. Can you call on me at around 8 p.m.? 563. The matter is that I can’t visit you today, unfortunately. 564. When can you come? 565. I can’t say that definitely now. 566. To make an appointment by telephone. - 567. Wouldn’t you drop in to see me today? 568. I have a hundred and one things. 569. Let us arrange to meet on some other day. 570. Where and when can we meet? 571. Who can tell me what time will be arriving from... 572. Will you please give me the telephone number of... 573. Will 2p.m. suit you? 574. Your number here, please? 575. I can’t remember...’s telephone number. 576. What is the number of Information? 577. Extension - 578. I’m speaking from the... 579. I telephoned you several times, but I couldn’t get you on the phone. 580. I called to wish you a happy birthday. 581. What do you mean? 582. I’ve got to think about... 583. What can I do for you? 584. I’m at your disposal. 585. I tell you what... 586. It doesn’t depend on me. 587. I’m ringing you to ask you for a small favour. 588. I suppose you’ve right. 589. That’s clear. 590. And then what? - 591. The point is that... - 592. Do it like this. - 593. Bear it in mind. - 594. You got a wrong number, buddy 595. Let’s leave it as it is. 596. He has telephoned, assuring me he had no idea... . 597. Telephone rang for several seconds, then it stopped. 598. What the hell do you want? 599. Hi, this is... .We haven’t been in touch for a while. 600. Just called to see how life is treating you. 601. Office. – 602. John? Is that you? – 603. Yes? John is here. Who is speaking? 604. It’s Mike. 605. Mike? Mike who? 606. What do you mean “Mike who”? 607. Oh, Mike! I’m sorry… 608. Good morning. That is John Tompson and Mick Jefferson. Could I talk to Professor Jackson? – 609. Speaking. 610. Oh, Professor! Do you recognize us? 611. Well? I do. 612. Hello, this is Jane! 613. Hello, Jane! How are you? - 614. Not bad, thank you, dear. - 615. I’d like to speak to Nick. - 616. Sorry, he’s out right now. –. May I leave a message for him? 617. Oh, yes, please. Could you tell him to call me back. - 618. Ok, I will. 619. Thanks a lot. 620. You are welcome. 621. Bye then. 622. Bye, dear. 623. Make yourself at home. 624. I have heard such a lot about you 625. My husband told me a lot about you 626. Is your family big? 627. May I ask your name? 628. What’s your full name? 629. What’s your age? 630. Who is your husband? 631. What’s your profession? 632. Where do you work? 633. Do you like your job? 634. What about your children? 635. How old is your son? 636. Are you a religious believer? 637. Let’s make a start then 638. All okay? 639. I think the weather will remain fine 640. What nasty weather we are having 641. A nice day! 642. What lovely weather! 643. It is sunny today. 644. I think it will rain soon. 645. Do you think so?

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