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The Fiancee by Anton Chekhov-rus-eng parallel text- Русско-английские mp3 разговорники и аудиокниги

Русско-английские mp3 разговорники и аудиокниги
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The Fiancee by Anton Chekhov-rus-eng parallel text.mp3
" (RussianНевестаtranslit. Nevesta), translated also as "The Fiancée", is a 1903 short story by Anton Chekhov, first published in the No.12, December 1903 issue of Zhurnal Dlya Vsekh. Chekhov's last completed story, "Betrothed" features as its heroine Nadya, a young woman who escapes from a loveless betrothal and attends university, and thus asserts her independence. Another important character, Sasha, who prompts her to take this step, in the finale dies at a tuberculosis sanitarium, just as Chekhov himself was to do in 1904.
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